Started as Client/Contractor… and now… Partners

Started as Client/Contractor… and now… <b>Partners </b>

Diamond Brothers Development, LLC is a partnership between a second-generation builder and a professional property investor. We are passionate to provide high quality homes and buildings for the best value for our customers.

Our partnership combines years of experience building and remodeling residential homes and commercial properties in the Greater Houston area and across the country. The network we have reaches all around Texas and beyond, with hundreds of very success property investors to team-up with to provide cost effective construction and rehabilitation services.

We have a vast network of building/construction professionals and sub-contractors with experience and skill for all grades of construction from residential remodels, new/refurbished rental properties, to townhouse complexes, and million-dollar homes.

We are investor friendly builders; we understand the pressure investors have and work hard to maximize investors time and resources to meet their goals. We can source OEM materials with bulk pricing (passing on the savings) and provide architectural design services for our customers.

We take pride on increasing quality of materials and craftsmanship, while keeping costs low, and maximizing the return for the homeowner and investor.

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Joshua Lester

Joshua Lester

Development Manager

Jonathan Manning

Jonathan Manning

Operations Manager